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We believe movement matters and that everyone can dance.  

Meet our team below.


Leela Fisk

I founded Movement for Life community group after a decade of leading community dance as an individual practitioner. As a new mother back then, I felt the need to create sanctuary-like spaces for caregivers to connect with their bodies, and to create community spaces for families to enjoy physical play together.

I’m a happier person and a better parent when I move creatively regularly in my life.


One of my favourite places to dance is in the sea! 

Adam Griffin

Adam can often be seen in the background at Movement  for Life, either assisting in classes, setting up and twiddling sound system knobs or as a general sounding block for the road ahead.

He’s a qualified Soul Motion teacher & CCI Co-counsellor. His teaching comes from a blend of somatic enquiry into the nature of our body felt sense and the practice of trust and being with our innate abilities as movement artists and wild beings.


Kate Reed

Trained as a drama movement therapist and in embodied leadership, I am a lifelong lover of dance. I also love to eat dark chocolate and smell wild roses.

I support the online Movement for Well-being sessions. I deeply value how Movement For Life offers compassionate acceptance, warm welcome along with creative invitation to explore movement at your own pace.

Asher Levin_edited.jpg

Asher Levin

Asher Levin has been performing, teaching and leading workshops for a quarter-century. Asher has a degree B.A. Hons In Drama and Theatre Arts (Dance) and trained in physical theatre at Ecole International du Theatre Jacques Lecoq. He delivers dance workshops and classes in a wide range of contexts within the local community. Asher is passionate about the creative potential of dance, particularly improvised dance.

Within primary schools, he is an advocate for the creative arts, taking responsibility for the development of whole class music lessons for every pupil, as well as promoting movement and dance within the school environment.

Through Movement for Life, Asher is delighted to co-lead Family Dance, making dance and creative exploration more accessible to the children, families and adults in the local community. Asher creates special moving stories at the beginning of dances for all to join in.

Asher Emerging Hearts 2021.jpg

Harmony Isgolde

Harmony supports our Women's Well-being groups in studio (formerly Movement for Mothers & Female carers sessions) by assisting Leela and the group's arising needs.

She brings a decade of movement practice experience, and in her wider life she's a massage therapist

Other artists who work in our sessions

Recently, Sarah Veevers, from Playground Dance Theatre, has been leading some Family Dance stories along with live music from We Need Music CIC.

Louise La Terra who runs dances up in Exeter is also on or committee. 

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