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Wednesday mornings fortnightly ongoing



Movement for Well-being - Women's Home Practice Online Group

‘’After sessions I feel more supple, fitter, more alive in my body, lighter. I feel part of something.''

Movement for Well-being - Women's Home Practice Online Group
Movement for Well-being - Women's Home Practice Online Group

Time & Location

Wednesday mornings fortnightly ongoing


About the event

A committed group begins at the start of each term – September, January and May each year. 

The term commitment is usually 5-6 sessions so that women can build an atmosphere of familiarity and trust online. For future series, please sign up to our updates.


Another chance to dance... this time without leaving your home.

Movement for Well-being – for women anywhere

Women attending this group since 2020 have built a kind and welcome atmosphere.  The sessions have been a lifeline for many women who have limited chances to leave home to dance in in-person groups while caring for dependents.

If Movement for Well-being is on your 'must try' list or the thought of dancing in the studio fills you with dread, this one is for you..  

This is going to be especially good for those of you who suspect a movement practice might be a way to get out of your head and nourish your soul but haven't made the leap. 

Because we get that for many, it is a leap. The word 'dance' can be a block. The idea of being seen can too. To share a new attendees 'leap' moment:

''For me dance has become the fastest way to get something through my body. I can be in a tough mental state but when I start this kind of movement, it's like something shifts and I come out the other side a different person.'' 

The online series was born out of pandemic- necessity but proved to be much more than that. We meet every 2 weeks for an hour and 45 mins, on fortnightly Wednesdays, for relaxation, sharing, movement and reflection. We grow a home practice that you can move forward with, and rely upon. 

To confess, we really really REALLY did not think online dancing was going to work out.  It was a wonderful surprise to see how deep and connecting home-based classes can be. Women speak about really arriving in their space, finding authenticity, and deep body listening with the freedom that comes from being at home. Many of the current group members began with us in March 2020 during the first lockdown. 

If you've read this far and still not convinced... How about - if you have resistance to something it's worth giving it a try!

By women for the purposes of this group we mean cis-gendered. Those both born as female and identifying as women due to the content of our sessions.

We hope to meet you there. 

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