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The test blog

Hello this is the test blog :)

On the left hand panel in Settings you can set the author, publish date and display cover image. Click the blue Publish button at the top right of the page to publish the blog, save it as a draft or schedule it to be published at a later date.

Press the + in a circle button on the left in the editor, or click Add on the left hand panel to add in different media elements such as images and video, as well as elements like buttons, dividers and lists

Below is text taken from a Movement for Life Facebook post to demonstrate how a blog might look:

Yay, first dance of the school year as we bring together families to dance on Sunday mornings.

We always have free spaces for those in need. Otherwise, pay what you can £6-10 per adult, kids free.

These dances are for families who love to dance freely or want to try. Led by Leela Fisk, assisted by Asher Levin.

No steps to learn. We begin with movement play then dance together to diverse music.

A BIG thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund for support


Above is what a divider looks like and below is what a gallery and single image looks like :)

This is the alt text for images
Just showing how images look :)

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